TECNA 7018 - 2KVA

Price: $1,277.00

Collection: Welding Equipment 

Product Type: Spot Welders

Brand Name: Unimig

Product Description

The TECNA 7018 hand held spot welders is light weight, reliable and simple to operate unit for the smash repair and sheet metal fabrication industries. There are a variety of arms available, enabling a range of applications.

Part Number 7018
Primary Input Voltage 240V 1 Phase
Nominal Power 50% @ 2KVA
Max Welding Power 13KVA
Secondary No Load Voltage 2.3V
Main Fuse 16 Amp
Arm Length MIN-MAX (mm) 125 - 500
Max Thickness (mm) 2 + 2
Dimensions (mm) 440 x 100 x 250
Weight (Kgs) 11



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