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We are happy to offer the new SSBBW  (size 20) its the worlds first hybrid glass /ceramic welding cup. We designed the SSBBW so that the user can just replace the Glass tubing if the cup were to be damaged. Included in the kit is

  • 1 Full SSBBW cup
  • 1 spare glass
  • 1 spare diffuser and o’ring

The SSBBW is recommended for Titanium , Stainless and Nickel alloys.

The Argon flow is recommended at 35-45 CFH and due to it size you will need to be careful with Windy conditions in the area you are welding and the  Purge setups. Being the cup is larger and the gas is more spread out the gas is lacking the velocity you see with using the Fupa12. We recommend you weld practice parts to dial in your settings . The SSBBW has Threads so it will install directly on your 45V44 or the 17 adapter kit .

The SSBBW is a specialized cup and is no way suggested for everyday use welding regular mild steel or household type items together. The SSBBW requires more controlled perimeters to yield the benefits the cup has to offer. Please purchase a Fupa 12 if you are looking for a standard flooding style welding cup

PURGE RECOMMENDATIONS-    USER may have to increase the gas escape hole in their purge setup, the higher  pressure gas  escaping in the weld seam may disturb argon from welding cup.

In the picture below you can see the size difference between the SSBBW and the standard BBW.

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