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MILLER Trailblazer 302 Air Pak - No VRD

SKU: MR907549001-1
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  • Direct Current Weld Output
  • Constant Current & Constant Voltage Weld Output

Easy Operation

Reduce fuel consumption and noise by using the front panel air flow control which matches engine speeds to air flow requirements for tools, plasma cutting and gouging.

Front Panel Air Pressure Adjustment

Simple to adjust the correct air pressure for specific applications (80–160 psi). Lower pressure will increase engine power for more gouging and plasma cutting output capabilities.

Size and Weight

Takes only half the bed space of a separate engine-driven air compressor and welder, freeing up to 50% more room on your truck for equipment and supplies. Plus decreases axle weight up to 25%.

Maximum Cost Savings

Less money spent on fuel means more profit for you. Every Trailblazer welder/generator has fuel-saving Auto-Speed technology. Enjoy a combination of advanced, profit-enhancing features that are only available on a Trailblazer welder/generator.

Battery Charge/Crank Assist

  • Provides selectable 12-or 24-volt battery charging capability.
  • Provides up to 450 amps of battery crank assist capability.
  • Convenient front panel battery charge/crank assist access.

Independent Weld and Generator Advantages

  • 13,000 watts of voltage-regulated power.
  • No interaction between grinders, power tools, etc. and the welding arc.
  • Generator power is independent of weld.
  • Four-pole weld generator produces the best arc quality

Industraial Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • Runs most air impact wrenches at idle.
  • Produces 31 cfm of air at 100 percent duty cycle.
  • Delivers 80–160 psi of air with no storage tank.
  • Gives 100% deliverable air.
  • Compressor is warranted by Miller for three years.

Auxiliary Output*

  • 2 X 15 Amp Sockets.
  • RCD.
  • 1 X 32 A 240 V 1PH 60Hz.

*Generator auxiliary power is 60Hz, and intended for operating equipment associated with welding, such as angle grinders, drills and floodlights. Some Australian 50Hz equipment incorporating induction motors, such as pumps, fans, air compressors, refrigeration or air-conditioners, may not operate correctly and could be damaged. Refer to appliance supplier or manufacturer to confirm suitability