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Miller Dynasty 400 DX AC/DC Water Cooled Tig Welder with Tig Kit

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Miller Dynasty 400 DX AC/DC Water Cooled Tig Welder 

Description Miller combines advanced inverter technology with Auto-Line™ technology for a truly flexible AC/DC TIG/Stick power supply.
Applications Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, from precision sheet metal to pipe and pressure vessel fabrication.



AC TIG Feautures

  • Independent Amplitude / Amperage.
  • Balance Control. Provides adjustable oxide removal which is essential for creating the highest quality aluminum welds. Features extended ranges.
  • Frequency. Controls the width of the arc cone and can improve directional control of the arc.

DC TIG Features

  • Exceptionally Smooth and Precise Arc. For welding exotic materials.
  • AC/DC Pulse. Pulsing can increase puddle agitation, arc stability and travel speeds while reducing heat input and distortion.

AC/DC Stick Features

  • DIG Control. Allows the arc characteristics to be changed for specific applications and electrodes. Lower the DIG setting for smooth running electrodes like E7018 and increase the DIG setting for stiffer, more penetrating electrodes like E6010.
  • Hot Start Adaptive Control. Provides positive arc starts without sticking.
  • AC Frequency Control. Adds stability for smoother welds when AC Stick welding.

AC Waveforms

  • Advanced Squarewave. Fast freezing puddle, deep penetration and fast travel speeds.
  • Soft Squarewave. For a soft buttery arc with maximum puddle control and good wetting action.
  • Sine Wave. For customers that like a traditional arc. Quiet with good wetting.
  • Triangular Wave. Reduces the heat input and is good on thin aluminum. Fast travel speeds.

Lift-Arc Starting

Provides AC or DC arc initiation without the use of high frequency.

Blue Lightening

High-frequency arc starter for non-contact arc initiation. Provides more consistent arc starts and greater reliability.

Autoline Power Management

Allows for any input Voltage hookup (210 - 480 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable power.


Power source cooling system operates only when needed - reducing noise, energy use and the amount of contaminants pulled through the machine.

Program Memory

Features 9 independent program memories that maintain/save your parameters.


Calculates the length of postflow time based on the Amperage setting. This eliminates the need to independently set the postflow time for different Amperages. This feature preserves your tungsten and prevents porosity.

Meter Calibration

Allows meters to be calibrated for certification.

Cooler Power Supply (CPS)

An integrated 120-volt dedicated-use receptacle for the Coolmate 3.5.

VRD Functionality

Comes with Voltage Reduction Device (VRD), compliant with AS1672.2 2007 Category C Environment.
Please note: VRD can be disabled in Advanced Tech Menu by pressing a combination of unmarked buttons.

Wind Tunnel Technology

Protects internal electrical components from airborne contaminants, extending the product life.

3 Year Warranty

For details, refer to Miller's True Blue warranty statement.


Miller Dynasty 400 AC/DC Power source 

Miller Coolmate 3.5 Water Cooler

Miller Running Cart

Tig Kit





Amp Range Phase Rated Output Amps Input at Rated Output, 50/60 HZ Max. Open Circuit Voltage Dim. (mm) Weight
      230V 400V KW KVA      
3-400A 3 400 A at 36 V 20% Duty Cycle - 28 18.6 19.4 75 VDC (10-15 VDC-VRD*) H: 629
W: 349
D: 559

with TIG Runner
H: 1095
W: 587
D: 1111

with TIG Runner
300 A at 32 V 60% Duty Cycle - 19 12.5 13.1  
250 A at 30 V 100% Duty Cycle - 14 9.8 10.3  
1 300 A at 32 V 20% Duty Cycle 60 33 12.7 13.9  
250 A at 30 V 60% Duty Cycle 47 26 9.9 10.9  
200 A at 28 V 100% Duty Cycle 36 20 7.5 8.2  
* Indicates sense-voltage for Lift-Arc TIG and VRD stick.