Kemppi Mig Gun Weldsnake 42W - Water Cooled

Price: from $1,082.00

Collection: MIG/TIG Guns and Spares,

Product Type: Mig Spares - Kemppi

Brand Name: Kemppi

Product Description


WeldSnake guns are the simple, low cost, solution with Euro connectors, making it easy to achieve extra reach and worksite flexibility around jigs, fixtures, and tight spaces. Combining the performance features associated with Kemppi welding guns, including balance, lightness, and great cooling.


Great distance – No motor drive – Lower cost

• No special equipment modification

• Easy connection – standard Euro connector

• Superb for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

• Uses Kemppi Patented DL Chili liner technology


The Weldsnake 42W Mig Gun is rated at 300 amps. Available in 6m or 8m lengths

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