Kemppi Mig Gun PMT 42

Price: from $669.00

Collection: MIG/TIG Guns and Spares,

Product Type: Mig Spares - Kemppi

Brand Name: Kemppi

Product Description

Choose from a wide range of Euro connected MIG/MAG welding guns from the PMT range. PMT guns feature a reliable structure, offering both gas and water cooled models, but includes the option to fit the RMT10 remote control device, allowing power or channel memory selection during welding from selected Kemppi welding equipment. 


• The low fatigue comfort grip and balance limits wrist loading

• Performance liners, nozzles, and contact tips

• Available in either 3 m or 4.5 m lengths

• Gas-cooled and water-cooled models

• Excellent cooling performance

• Strong construction and easy to maintain

• Euro connector for fast fitting

The PMT 42 Mig Gun is rated at 420 amps. Available in 3m or 4.5m lengths

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