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Product Type: Electrodes

Brand Name: Unimig

Product Description

Applications and Properties:
Basic type heavy coated high recovery electrode for depositing primary and eutectic Cr and Nb carbides in austenitic matrix. Suitable for hardfacing of parts subjected to heavy abrasion with moderate impact. Service temperature is max.450°C.The typical transverse cracks occuring in such a hard metal is not suitable for applictions where impact and shock conditions prevail. Wear coefficient of one layer deposit is 0.5 % with SiO2. The weld metal is machinable only by grinding. Metal recovery of 180%. Suitable to use in hardfacing of cement crushers, cement presses and brick conveyor screws, mixer blades, press screws in oil industry, bucket lips and teeths in earth moving Equipment. Possible to use with both DC & AC.

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