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The Plasma Cut 40 is an inverter-based plasma cutting machine produced using the latest in IGBT technology. Low cost and portable this machine is reliable, robust and stacked with features that you expect from a quality plasma cutter.

The Plasma Cut 40 produces a high temperature plasma stream, enabling effortless cutting of all electrically conductive materials including steel, cast Iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium brass etc .

The Plasma Cut 40 is equipped with a high quality Italian manufactured Plasma Torch developed specifically to enhance and improve the cut quality of the Plasma Cut 40 machine. Connection of the Tecmo PCH/M 35 Plasma torch provides effortless starting of the cut with powerful, fast and accurate cutting capability, additional is the benefit of longer life cycle consumable electrodes and cutting tips. The HF contact start function allows the torch tip to be placed directly onto the work piece during start up and also during the cutting process helping to provide more accurate cutting and cleaner start of the cut. The plasma Cut 40 is an exceptional machine that is suitable for a wide range of applications including sheet metal fabrication, light industrial use, site work, automotive, ducting work, repair and maintenance services.

The Plasma Cut 40 package includes 4 metre Tecmo PCH/M 35 Plasma torch , earth lead and air regulator. The Cut 40 gives you the best of both worlds – great portability, with the power to get the job done.

Built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to AS/NZ60974.1

• Latest inverter technology
• Light industrial application
• Strong metal housing
• Safe torch connection
• High quality Italian plasma torch
• HF Contact Arc Start


Primary Input Voltage 240V 1 Phase

Current Range 20 - 40

Duty Cycle 40 Deg C 30% @ 40A / 100% @25A

Max Cutting Thickness (mm) 10

Dimensions (mm) 371 x 155 x 295


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