Cigweld Weldskill 205 AC/DC Power Pack

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CIGWELD Weldskill 205 AC/DC Power Pack


  • W1008205 WeldSkill 205 ACDC Inverter Plant 240V 15A
  • 454334 ProLite Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Shadow
  • 646754 TIG Welding Gloves – Large
  • W4015800 Foot Control with 8m lead, 8 Pin
  • WTM1024 Weldskill 70S-6 2.4mm 900mm 1kg
  • WTS1024 Weldskill 316L 2.4mm 900mm 1kg
  • WTA1024 Weldskill 5356 2.4mm 900mm 1kg

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 205 AC DC TIG Welder has taken the same great features and robust power from its predecessor and compacted it down into a smaller, lighter and more portable TIG Inverter that weighs a slight 12kg.

The 205 AC DC TIG Welder is a 15 Amp 240 volt, digitally controlled, High Frequency AC/DC TIG (GTAW) and Stick (MMAW) inverter. This unit is specifically designed for the budget conscious user who doesn’t want to sacrifice on quality or weld results. With its compact casing and IP23S rating the 205 AC/DC is ideal for indoor or outdoor use around the workshop and is easy to carry and manoeuvre into hard to reach places when doing light fabrication and maintenance of mild steels, stainless steels and aluminium.

In TIG mode the unit has all the features required to customise your welding preferences – High Frequency (HF), Up/Down Slope, Pre/Post Flow, 2T/4T Trigger Function, Spot Mode and Gas Purge for AC or DC TIG welding. When welding in AC only, Frequency and Wave Balance can be refined with impressive adjustability and when operating in Pulse Mode the user has full flexibility to adjust Frequency, Width and Peak Current.

In Stick mode the 205 AC/DC features VRD, Anti-Stick and Hot Start and can weld with up to 4mm electrodes.

The CIGWELD WeldSkill 205 AC/DC comes as a complete kit with an 8m Remote Control TIG Torch, Argon Regulator/Flowmeter, 4m Electrode Holder and Work Clamp and a TIG Accessory Kit with tungstens, nozzles, collets etc. to get you up and welding in no time..

  • Duty Cycle HF TIG – 205A @ 20%
  • Duty Cycle STICK – 160A @ 20%
  • 15A Supply Lead
  • Light and portable 12kg power source
  • Dimensions: H 324mm x W 176mm x D 430mm)
  • Can TIG Weld up to 8mm Aluminium Plate
  • Can STICK weld with up to 4mm electrodes
  • Pulse: Pulse Frequency / Pulse Width / Peak Current
  • AC Frequency / AC Wave Balance
  • Pre-Flow/Post-Flow Adjustment (TIG mode only)
  • Gas Purge
  • Spot Weld
  • Up Slope / Down Slope
  • Trigger Lock (2T, 4T)
  • Initial Current (4T)
  • Crater Current (4T)
  • Over Temp Protection
  • Anti-Stick (STICK)
  • Hot Start (STICK)
  • Digital Meter
  • VRD <35DC (Voltage Reduction Device)
  • IP23S (Indoor and Outdoor use)
  • 3 year warranty**
    **(refer to operating manual for further details)

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