UNIMIG Automatic Welding Goggles

Price: $187.00

Collection: Safety Equipment,

Product Type: Welding Safety

Brand Name: Unimig

Product Description

UNIMIG Automatic Welding Goggles

UNIMIG GL-WH11-1015A auto-darkening welding goggles are a high-tech product manufactured with spectral filtering technology, photoelectric sensors and control unit technology. The photoelectric sensor makes liquid crystal change from bright state to dark state as soon as it receives arc light and changes from dark to bright state when welding is finished to protect the eyes of users from arc light, splash and harmful radiations of IR/UV
• Ideal for confined space work / mobile welding
• Bump cap for head protection
• Fire retardant hood for protection.
• Soft Silicon lined goggles for user comfort.
• Detachable mask



  • ModelUMAWG
  • Auto Filter ModelGL-1015A
  • Auto Filter Size190(W) x 80(H) x 75(T) mm
  • Viewing Field50 x 35mm x (L,R)
  • Shade Control Light StatesDIN 4
  • Shade Control Dark States:DIN 5 – 9 / 9 – 13 Outside Adjustable
  • Switching TimeLight - Dark: 0.3 ms
  • Delay TimeDark - Light: 0.1 – 0.8 sec
  • Sensitivity & Delay TimeOutside Adjustable
  • Power Supply1 x CR2450 3V Lithium Battery
  • Grinding Mode & LED IndicatorYes
  • Arc Sensors3 Sensors
  • Operating Temperature-5˚C to + 55˚C
  • Storing Temperature-20˚C to + 55˚C
  • Helmet MaterialPA
  • Total Weight265g


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