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The UNITIG 315 AC/DC is a 3 phase Square Wave AC/DC TIG inverter welder incorporating full TIG functionality including AC balance control, pre gas, down slope, post gas, variable pulse parameters, HF start with 2/4T trigger control.

The HF arc ignition provides easy arc ignition leaving no tungsten inclusion and no contamination of the tungsten electrode. The Down Slope and Post Gas combined with the 2/4T trigger function gives you control of the welder allowing you to control the start and finsh of the weld process at a professional level. The addition of a fully adjustable pulse function of frequency, base current and pulse width gives you the added capability to better control heat input into the work, control penetration & control distortion. AC balance control lets you set the AC TIG arc for cleaning of the oxide layer on aluminium and adjustment for a deeper penetrating weld.

Combining the functions of the UNITIG 315 AC/DC ensures comprehensive control of the welding parameters when welding both AC and DC weldable materials giving you the ability to produce professional TIG welds.

The DC MMA welding capability delivers a smooth and stable arc allowing easy welding with electrodes obtaining high quality welds including mild steel, cast Iron, stainless steel and low hydrogen. Addition of the optional Foot Control provides variable amperage adjustment during welding.

Optional trolley provides better manoeuvrability and accepts internal installation of the optional water cooler. The UNITIG 315 AC/DC is an industrial workhorse AC/DC welder and is ideal for multiple applications including aluminium & stainless steel fabrication, light industrial use, repair and maintenance applications. Robust & reliable, built to our specifications and manufactured in compliance to AS/NZ60974.1

• Adjustable Down slope
• 2T / 4T Trigger function
• Adjustable pulse control
• HF Start AC/DC TIG function
• Adjustable Pre Gas - Post gas
• Adjustable AC balance control
• Electrode Hot start
• Adjustable Arc force
• Rugged metal case construction
• Digital amperage display


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