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43 pce Gas lens Tig Welding Kit to suit 17, 26 and 18 Series Tig Torches

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This is the gas lens tig welding kit that every serious tig welder needs. 

Comes in a plastic parts box with foam insert.

Kit contains the following

TIG Back Cap 3pcs
1pcs 57Y02
1pcs 57Y03
1pcs 57Y04

Insulators Cap Gaskets 1pcs
1pcs 18CG

TIG Collet 12pcs
2pcs 10N21 - 0.5mm
2pcs 10N22 - 1mm 
2pcs 10N23 - 1.6mm
2pcs 10N24 - 2.4mm
2pcs 10N25 - 3.2mm
2pcs 54N20 - 4mm

Gas Lens Cup Insulator 1pcs
1pcs 54N01

TIG Gas Lens Collet Body 5pcs
1pcs 45V24 - 1mm
1pcs 45V25 - 1.6mm
1pcs 45V26 - 2.4mm
1pcs 45V27 - 3.2mm

1pcs 45V28 - 4mm

TIG Gas Lens Alumina Nozzle 5pcs

1pcs 54N18  Size 4
1pcs 54N17  Size 5
1pcs 54N16  Size 6
1pcs 54N15  Size 7
1pcs 54N14  Size 8

TIG Gas Lens Long Alumina Nozzle 5pcs
1pcs 54N18L Size 4
1pcs 54N17L  Size 5
1pcs 54N16L  Size 6
1pcs 54N15L  Size 7
1pcs 54N14L  Size 8

Jumbo Cup Insulator 1pcs
1pcs 54N63

TIG Collet Body Gas Lens Larger Diameter 5pcs
1pcs 45V0204 - 1mm
1pcs 45V116 - 1.6mm
1pcs 45V64 - 2.4mm
1pcs 995795 - 3.2mm
1pcs 45V63 - 4mm

TIG Alumina nozzle Larger Diameter 5pcs
1pcs 57N75 - size 6
1pcs 57N74 - size 8
1pcs 53N88 - size 10
1pcs 53N87 - size 12
1pcs 53N89 - size 15



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